In globalization era nowadays, visual communication design has an important role, and it cannot be separated with our every day life. Wherever we are, we will find various forms and designs of visual communication. Visual communication design is the design communicating information and message which are displayed visually. It has three basic functions: as the means of identification, means of information and instruction, also the means of presentation and promotion.

The purpose of Visual Communication Design is to outcome graduates having the ability as visual communicators who can visualize their ideas decriptively and discursively, also the ability to develop their professions in visual communication independently.

Graduates of visual communication are expected to be able to solve problems relating to the image of a company, institution, product, or individual effectively. They will be accustomed to create ideas which are going to get comments from the society, and they will be able to help developing the image of a company (complete with the programs which form the identity, promotions, forms of packaging, exhibitions and graphic display designing). Moreover, graduates will be able to operate all kinds of media, such as computer, video, various graphic devices, also scientific concepts approach; to cooperate with experts of photography, film makers and illustrators; to make diagnose of design problems; to evaluate and choose the best method in order to find the suitable form of visualization for certain problem. The approach of local culture and the ability to develop traditional values become part of their designs.

Visual Communication Design of Petra Christian University was established on
25th May 1998 (SK no.147/DIKTI/Kep/1998).





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